20 August 2008

Real Quick

Just popping in real quick. Janine will be here soon for our weekly sewing night so I've gotta be fast, my sewing room is a disaster and I'd like for her to at least have a place to set her sewing machine, am I considerate or what? Last week I had a friend come over to sew for the whole day, she has 7 children and doesn't get out much and never gets to sew, so her goal was to finish a quilt top in a day. She bought a batik jelly roll and we looked at patterns that didn't take a lot of extra background or cutting and when the day was through she had her wish. Just needs borders and quilting and we're going to plan a day in the fall to finish it up. It's Jellystone park done in batiks and it came out so pretty...good work Heide!!Another friend came over Monday with her daughter so I could teach her to bind a quilt and before she left, handed me gift certificate for Rosies. As soon as they left I hightailed it over there and added some more yummy fabric to this stack of (mostly) Kaffe Fassett goodness! Thanks Sharon :)I've been wanting to start a quilt with this fabric for a while but it's so different from my usual style, I've been wobbling over which pattern to use---when I saw this pattern

in this book I figured it would be a perfect way to get my feet wet and get a feel for how the colors play together.
I sent out my cupcake swap stuff on Saturday but she hasn't gotten it yet. Here's a little tease until it gets there Cheryl :)
Carol put this pattern in the mail for me
after I swooned over the quilt she made (and Sharon quilted) and donated for the Sew for the Cure at the Country Loft. I was in there for a class and Kathy brought it out to show me. I had to show it again isn't it beautiful?
I told her she's like my fairy godmother, it's the second time I've wished for something and "poof" there it is in my mailbox from her :) I'm thinking of making it using either Flirtor Ava Rose. If you want to see this already in a quilt look here at what Doe did with it-it's gorgeous!They're both beautiful lines. O.k. I'm off to clean this mess!
Have a great week :)