22 August 2008

Holy Cupcakes!!

Well my awesome box of cupcake amazingness came in the mail today!!! I'm crowning Cheryl "Swap Queen"!!! I felt my heart beat faster as I got this first peek:
If you read my blog you know I am infatuated with the Swell line by Moda and so I would have been quite content if this had been the only item in my box...cupcake or no :) I just love it!!!
But let me tell you it was not anywhere near the only item in this box chock full of goodies!!
Sitting in the swell purse was this sweet little cupcake Annie. She was surrounded by pink tissue wrapped goodies. Cheryl was most thoughtful in making sure she could breathe while in transit :) I love her!Look at this adorable wall hanging...which came complete with hanger! This is going in my sewing room. I love it!I hope no one gets tired of the phrase "I love it" 'cause you're gonna be hearing it a lot, I absolutely LOVE, love, love everything she sent!!!
Next up is this too cute sewing basket. It closes up and looks like a giant yo-yo! Inside was this little cupcake measuring tape with little hearts....I love it!! I don't know how she managed to find all these fun little goodies....look at that bath fizz tablet, that great tea towel under it all.
And how about these tea lights, and that frame , cute card and even a nail file!
Oh and a great cupcake calendar that you can see in the top photo.
Ahhhh yes I am in cupcake heaven :) Am I spoiled or what? Cheryl you did an amazing job!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! You are the bestest swap partner a girl could want :)
And thank you to Sharon for organizing this fun swap and giving me such a fun partner!!!!