11 August 2008

This and That

Last week started off pretty good--Monday night Janine came over and we made some progress on our Country Loft and Designer Mystery BOM's, then Tuesday I got Hopscotch pinned and ready to quilt I decided to piece a quick jelly roll top before doing anymore quilting--I really want to get my Red White and Bold and Prairie Paisley done before the end of Summer...plus I need to finish the Summer Stash Challenge and I figured this would be the one. I decided on a revised Bento Box for the Red, White and Bold. Anyway I got about halfway through the blocks when disaster struck...my sewing machine froze :( I was pretty bummed, especially since I had the rest of the week free to sew...sniff. Anyway I was up bright and early Wednesday and had her at the shop pretty much as they opened their doors, I had high hopes and brought a book with me so I could read while they fixed it ...yeah right...they said about a week!!!! I seriously had a moment of panic (I need a back up machine) and felt a little bereft... Well Janine and her family went out of town this weekend and when she dropped off her little dog Sophie Wed. night she also brought not one but two sewing machines for me to use while they were gone...now that's a good friend :) I broke the rules and went ahead and finished the other half of the blocks on a different sewing machine and I think I'll pay for it when I sew the rows together but whatever. I had two little guest doggies this weekend aren't they cute?
They're supposed to stay off the down comforter and on either of those other blankets I have given them....Rudy's struggling with this boundary :) My Sophie (yes Janine and I both have dogs named Sophie and no it wasn't on purpose) is not sure what to make of these little tiny dogs and is just a bit out of joint that she can't join them on my bed (she's a Newfoundland and weighs about 120 pounds that's why)Sophie and the sewing machines left today so I decided to start a stitchery that I got at the Country Loft last Christmas. I was thinking I needed a light box because my eyes are getting so bad (and I didn't want to wait for daylight and use a window) so I looked around to see what I could improvise. Now maybe everyone already does this but I was feeling pretty clever when I set up my acrylic sewing table and my Ott lamp like this:And it worked great
So I'm off to stitch :)