05 March 2010

Charming Girls & Guys March Goals

So I have been very forgetful about getting my Charming Girls and Guys goals up in time lately. This month in an effort to get my goals up in time, I started planning ahead....well on Feb. 28th. Then I was so excited about one of my projects I started sewing early Monday morning and all thoughts of posting my goals flew out the window. Thankfully I was reminded to get my butt in gear by all of you organized ladies who have been putting your goals up on time.I have been wanting to cut into my piles of Swell for sometime now and I have found the perfect project for it: Between Friends by Darlene of Quilting Daze.
I knew when I first saw the quilt that I had to make it and later when I fell in love with American Retro I thought I had found the perfect pairing. Sunday when I pulled everything out to take pictures for this post I just couldn't decide if it would work or not. I emailed Darlene and we chatted back and forth about it...she was very patient with my ADD lol!! I changed my mind every other email. I went to the kitchen to grab some coffee and walked by one of my very favorite little quilts that I made a couple of years ago from the scraps of my first Swell quilt. I have often thought about making a larger one and all of a sudden I just knew I had found the perfect pair, yay!!! Cheryl had mentioned a while back that we should pick a project for our Swell and work on it together so that we could encourage each other and we had decided to be on the lookout for patterns. So Cheryl and Sharon and I are all going to work on this quilt together...so much fun! Thank you Darlene for sharing this wonderful pattern!!
Onto the rest of my goals:
Put borders on this twisted nine-patch that I made last month...maybe quilt it?Hand sew the binding on these two little quiltsDecide on a pattern and start making blocks for a king size quilt for my bed (finally!) Maybe use my American Retro?Make another top from my(way too much) leftover Fresh CutMake a little leader ender project with my little squares of Fresh CutReady, Set, SEW!!Have a great weekend everyone!!