08 February 2010

Who's yer daddy?

So it's only been 2-1/2 months since my last post...does it count that I have a ton of drafts? I had good intentions. Really. So here is the newest bundle of cuteness at the Parker household...meet Winston: Totally cute, right? Janine's dog, "little Sophie" (as opposed to my Newfoundland "Big Sophie"), who I dog sit often and love much, is his mommy; his paternity is unknown. I'd forgotten that a new puppy keeps you almost as busy as a new baby. He is doing really well and may I just say that if any of you are contemplating a new puppy and want some good "puppy-rearing" advice...Go Ask Carol.
Someone accused me of "favoritism so here are some other inhabitants of our petting zoo:
Our mini-lop Daisy. Our new puppy Winston....oh wait I showed him already...Our orphan turtle Trixie. She was found in the middle of a road in pretty bad shape. Trixie is hard to get a picture of in the winter...when she comes out of hibernation I'll get a better one. Can anyone guess where she got her name? There could be a prize.
Oops how did he get in here again??? Sheesh.Shadow Cat. Yup that's his name...Shadow Cat. I have not forgotten about the tutorial for the Authentic quilt (Shown here). I don't know if I mentioned it before, (I think it's one of my drafts that never got published) but I'm using this pattern for a Mother/Daughter quilt class I'm teaching. We have two finishes so far. Well almost finished, we haven't border shopped yet. Here is Sarah's; notice the cute feet :)I am going to try and post the tutorial this week or at least the first part of it.

So I have no new quilts to show...I covered my sewing machine in November and didn't go into my sewing room (except to wrap presents) again until January. I had to clean it up for our sewing class...we meet here on 3rd Tuesdays. Thankfully after I had it all cleaned up I felt like sewing again. I was starting to worry, I'm not gonna lie to you. I have a lot of fabric to use...I am not allowed to lose interest lol!!! I have decided that I need 2010 to be the year of finishing projects. I am a great starter, I started eight new projects in November!!! I am sorry to report that I did not finish a single one. So I pulled out my Reflections quilt and have been working on it while Winston naps. Good grief he is such a show-off. O.k. I think I need to go join these nappers now :)