03 October 2009

Charming Girl's and some pin topper love

So I totally spaced and didn't post the pitiful little 2 things I finished for Sept. CG's. How sad is it that I haven't even stitched closed my Fall Pillow...I mean really. I finished my Annie Treat and got the binding on the tiny quilt.Kitty shoes...what's not to love??? So I'm carrying over the same goals from last month and adding a few more.
1. Get these Posh blocks sewn together.2. Do something with my Fabulous Fall Jelly Roll.
3. Cut and sew the blocks for this quilt that I have been wanting to make for forever. Last month I finally finished gathering the fabric for it.
I think that about does it. I'm sure I'll think of all the things I really want to make this month on oh say around the day after the deadline for posting, 'cause that's just how I roll.
So are these the cutest things ever or what? Last month...or thereabouts I was over at Cara's blog and told her how cute I thought they were and so she went and sent me some. How sweet was that? You gotta click these to enlarge to truly get the full gobsmacking effect of their tiny cute awesomeness!!! I mean just look at that cute little face..... Oh yeah a little red polka dot mushroom love...Yummy! I being the lamo lazy girl that I am have only just now gotten around to blogging it. She has opened an Etsy shop called On Pins and Whimsy to sell them and I just checked it out and snatched up some adorable pumpkin toppers....so they're gone now...sorry. However there's still some cute ones left and very reasonable prices and shipping. So go visit her-- oh and I think she takes custom orders. Thanks so much Cara!!!!
O.k. that's it for now, I'm off to sew for the first time in like forever..yippee!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!