15 May 2008

Kitten update

Many of you have been asking me for news on the kitten front so here is a final update...well final on 2 of them anyway. Something tells me there may still be the occasional Lemon story :) Scottie and Carmel went to their new homes yesterday!
Daniel and Sarah took them to the local Vons and sold them for $20 each--quite the little capitalists huh? The first family was looking specifically for an orange kitty for their son. The second couple was looking for a kitten for their daughter (who has diabetes) whose beloved cat had gotten lost when they moved. They brought Scottie home to surprise her :) So two happy endings for those little kitties.
And Lemon....remains happily (although apparently with some sleeping position issues) ensconced in our home. Does anyone else have a cat who prefers to sleep on it's back? Weird.

But cute.
I promise to be back with quilty stuff next time :)