16 July 2010

Going offline for a bit

I tweaked my neck/back/shoulder a while back and it just keeps getting worse so I can't be on the computer. I've been trying to get on for little bits of time to keep up on my blog reading but even a few minutes seems to do me in. So I'm hoping a week or so of icing and ibuprofen and rest will do the trick. I can't sew either...yesterday I cut one stinkin' block and can you say BAD IDEA? Real quick for everyone who was asking about tea go to Teavana.com and look under black tea, the Weight to Go is awesome iced and then I also drink the oolongs. The puerhs and the oolongs are the best for metabolism and the mates are good for appetite suppression. Google it for more info. Sorry guys even this little bit is doing me in....see you soon I hope!!!