16 July 2007

Happy Monday

My life (as a quilter anyway) has been forever changed...I am now the proud owner of a 1/4" foot...I know, I know, everyone else has had one forever, but I thought I was doing quite well with my little felt bars from Walmart, thank you very much : )

But omigosh this new foot is way better---uno problema----I am in the middle of a project and my old method gave me a generous 1/4" and my new foot gives me a scant 1/4". Yikes what's a girl to do? I know I ought to just finish up using the method I started with...but I have a new toy and I want to play with it!!!

Well I'm off to try and finish this wall hanging in time to give it to my Mom on Wednesday. Here it is so far..and if you look at the magazine picture in the lower right hand corner of the bottom picture you will see how it will hopefully look when it is finished...have a great Monday!